Itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day

Looking for an Itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day? Do you need some new ideas of what to do in Dayton? Here is a fun one-day itinerary for you!

SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park– This is a haunting reconstruction of the Fort Ancient Native American village. It reminded me of the setting for an occult, horror movie. I don’t think they were shooting for that, but it has a creepy vibe regardless.

To continue with the scary theme, travel to WOODLAND CEMETERY & ARBORETUM and search for your favorite gravestone. Perhaps you will happen upon the famous Wright Brothers! Then continue your search for all things Wright Brothers at the Walk of Fame and the DAYTON AVIATION HERITAGE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK.

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After exploring Dayton, drive over to Cincinnati for some more travel fun! On your way, stop and take a selfie with Solid Rock Church’s Lux Mundi (Latin for “Light of the World”) a 52-foot giant statue of Jesus at Solid Rock Church near Monroe, Ohio (between Dayton and Cincinnati). Lux Mundi replaced the statue King of Kings which was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire in 2010. Nickname: “Touchdown Jesus” for the statue that burned down.

I hope you enjoyed this itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day!

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