Findlay Market: What To Look For

Address: 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Findlay Market: What To Look For…It is Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market since 1855. It is here you will find local and authentic food items. We brought home several treasures and ate at one of its staples….well sort of. But first- the hunt for treasure…

First stop- some delicious red velvet waffles from Taste of Belgium (almost like a brownie), next, some local chips from Hen of the Woods (the buttermilk and chives are the best), and some amazing garlic pita chips and hummus from Dean’s Mediterranean. Last but not least, find a pecan pie – search around the market for the one that looks the best! Before heading home with these treasures, stop in to eat dinner at the acclaimed Eli’s BBQ at Findlay Market. If there is no seating at this location drive over to their other location on Riverside Dr. where you can sit and eat.

You might even adopt a nice dining companion (ie a cat) who may be feeling very fine inside the warm tent laying out on one of the tables. Order the turkey sandwich or the ribs – both are delicious!

I hope you enjoyed Findlay Market: What To Look For! Click here to find more things to do in Cincinnati!

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