Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens

Halloween in Ohio for adults and teens can be tricky because the holiday is mostly geared to children. However, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate here in Ohio…

Watch a scary movie every night in October. (Can you believe I had never watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho until this year!?!) Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens
Visit a Haunted House ( We like The Haunted Town Hall in Lafayette, Ohio– see reviews) This is one of the best Haunted Houses I have been to. Very elaborate. Note: There are some tight places, so not for claustrophobics. Don’t forget to read the back story. Spooky! Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens
Experience All Hallows’ Eve at Ohio Village in Columbus. If you want to feel like you are living back in the days of Ichabod Crane in the Headless Horseman then this is where you want to be. We experienced an old-timey seance, sampled free cookies and candy corns, touched ghostly photographs, ate delicious food truck food, walked in a funeral procession (after a professional mourning lesson of course), listened to a story teller in front of a fire, and participated in a lively 1800s group dance. Halloween in Ohio for Adults & Teens Yes! But there are also a variety of activities just for kids.
Get spooked at Halloweekends at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I think this is what makes the season pass worth it. The trick is to check this calendar and go on a day that is not too crowded. We loved Hexed, and the Midnight Syndicate show the best. Note: The lines at The Blood on the Bayou and the Cut Throat Cove go fast. Get in line early if you want to experience the popular Corn Stalkers 2 ! Other tips: Check the weather/ wear waterproof boots/shoes/ rain or winter jackets as needed. We noticed a lot of unprepared people! The rides are also open during Halloweekends. Halloween in Ohio for Adults & Teens Yes! But, there is also a lot for the little kids during the day.
Shhh sneak over to Detroit, Michigan and dance the night away at Boogie Fever Disco. They have a lot of special nights for Halloween dress up fun. If you like 70s, 80s and 90s music and you are between the ages of 18-60ys. then this place is for you!

Happy Halloween!!

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