Photographs of Mad River Trail Dayton

Photographs of the Mad River Trail and the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights in Dayton, Ohio: A photographic essay. Click here to see other photographs and things to see in Dayton, Ohio. Mad River Trail Length: 7.1 miles. Trail end points: Great Miami River Trail just west of Webster St. and Marl Rd. and SRContinue reading “Photographs of Mad River Trail Dayton”

SunWatch Indian Village, Dayton, Ohio

SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park, previously known as the Incinerator Site, and designated by the Smithsonian, is a haunting reconstructed Fort Ancient Native American village next to the Great Miami River on West River Road in Dayton, Ohio.Address: 2301 W River Rd, Dayton, OH 45417

Itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day

Looking for an Itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day? Do you need some new ideas of what to do in Dayton? Here is a fun one-day itinerary for you! SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park– This is a haunting reconstruction of the Fort Ancient Native American village. It reminded me of the setting for anContinue reading “Itinerary for Dayton Ohio: One Day”

Woodland Cemetery…Find the Wright Brothers Grave Markers, Dayton, Ohio

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, located at 118 Woodland Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, is one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the United States. Woodland was incorporated in 1842 by John Whitten Van Cleve, the first male child born in Dayton. He was the son of Benjamin Van Cleve and Mary Whitten Van Cleve. Wikipedia Located in:University ofContinue reading “Woodland Cemetery…Find the Wright Brothers Grave Markers, Dayton, Ohio”

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