Vibe Coffeehouse Cafe Lima

Vibe Coffeehouse Cafe Lima, Ohio: My family recently attended Lima Land Poetry Slam open mic night and mural kickoff event at the brand new Lima’s Vibe Coffee House & Cafe. The Lima Mural Project was also there painting a mural for the back of the building. This hip and comfy cafe is inviting the communityContinue reading “Vibe Coffeehouse Cafe Lima”

A Day in Lima Ohio

Welcome to, “A Day In Lima Ohio”! But first, an introduction….during the twentieth century, Lima experienced the typical boom and bust years of Ohio’s other industrialized cities. In the early twentieth century, the oil industry continued to prosper as did Lima’s production of railroad products. As the oilfields dried up and Americans chose car andContinue reading “A Day in Lima Ohio”

Pete’s Ice cream Lima, Ohio: Things to Do

Pete’s Ice cream in Lima, Ohio is an insanely good seasonal ice cream stand – soft serve, hard dip, draft root beer, hot dogs, sandwiches, and sides! A picture is worth a thousand words- Scroll down to see what you would expect to see if you visited Pete’s Ice cream in Lima, Ohio! Click hereContinue reading “Pete’s Ice cream Lima, Ohio: Things to Do”

Lima, Ohio Pet-friendly Trails

Lima, Ohio pet-friendly trails are not hard to find. Lima boasts a number of beautiful parks and pet-friendly walking trails. The largest walking path, the Rotary Riverwalk begins at Heritage Park and is not included here because it has its own post, but these are equally worth a visit! Scroll down to see photographs ofContinue reading “Lima, Ohio Pet-friendly Trails”

Rotary Riverwalk, Lima: Things To Do

The five-star Rotary Riverwalk in Lima, Ohio is the place to go for walking, running, and biking. Parking is located at Heritage Park (2092 Reed Rd.), Collett Street Park (880 S Collett St.), and Schoonover Park (Findlay Rd. at McCullough St.). The Rotary River Walk is seventeen miles long, connecting six parks and downtown Lima.Continue reading “Rotary Riverwalk, Lima: Things To Do”