Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio

Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio is a new way to experience art. No need to travel to Paris to sit inside of Van Gogh’s hottest works of post-Impressionist art brought to life in projected swirls of color! The exhibit has been described as an “audio-visual narrative and emotional experience”. Art and music surround you onContinue reading “Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio”

Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens

Halloween in Ohio for adults and teens can be tricky because the holiday is mostly geared to children. However, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate here in Ohio… Watch a scary movie every night in October. (Can you believe I had never watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho until this year!?!) Halloween in Ohio:Continue reading “Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens”

A Day In Amish Country Ohio

Spending a day in Amish Country Ohio is definitely worth the drive! There is so much to do that we struggled to fit it all in. We have visited other Amish areas in the country, but Holmes County is the biggest settlement of Amish in the United States and maybe the world. You are reallyContinue reading “A Day In Amish Country Ohio”

A Day in Piqua, Ohio

I highly recommend spending a day in Piqua, Ohio. This place is definitely worth a stop! It has lots of history, beautiful scenery and a great downtown. First stop, the Lockington Locks This was a very cool find, with giant ruins akin to much older locales. When we arrived, several children were playing in andContinue reading “A Day in Piqua, Ohio”

A Day in Van Wert & Delphos Ohio

Are you wondering how to spend a day in Van Wert & Delphos Ohio? I was pleasantly surprised to find so many hidden gems. Come with me as we explore a day in Van Wert and Delphos Ohio along the Miami and Erie Canal… What Delphos, Ohio has to offer… The Axe Cave -an ax-throwingContinue reading “A Day in Van Wert & Delphos Ohio”

A Day In Greenville Ohio

A Day in Greenville Ohio should start out at the famous Maid-Rite Gum Wall, Just Kidding (gross!) I mean the historic GARST museum, for fans of Annie Oakley. The best parts of the museum are dedicated to this interesting historical figure. There are also recreated streets of old village shops. Other exhibits include Native AmericanContinue reading “A Day In Greenville Ohio”

A Day Trip to Kelleys Island

Welcome to “A Day Trip to Kelleys Island”! Guess where you can go on an African Safari, take a daring boat ride, marvel at a lighthouse, see amazing geographical features, and lounge on a sandy beach? Would you guess Ohio? That’s right! Kelly’s Island is in Ohio and we decided to make a day tripContinue reading “A Day Trip to Kelleys Island”

Cincinnati Nightlife for Non-Drinkers

Cincinnati nightlife for non-drinkers, does it exist? Due to the rise of the mocktail, it definitely does! Check out the best nightlife for non-drinkers this city has to offer… 16-Bit Bar+Arcade We were pleasantly surprised by 16-Bit bar+ Arcade. We arrived about 6 PM on a weekend and the place was already hopping. I readContinue reading “Cincinnati Nightlife for Non-Drinkers”

What To Do: Grand Lake St Marys

Are you wondering what to do around Grand Lake St Marys Visitors Region in Ohio? I drove down to the area to find out! Where To Stay Most people who visit will stay on the east side of the Lake at Grand Lake St Marys State Park or at a nearby hotel. Alternatively, you mayContinue reading “What To Do: Grand Lake St Marys”