10 Best Dog Parks In West Ohio

The best dog parks in West Ohio ranked! Dog owners love dog parks because their dogs love dog parks! Like little kids, dogs often want to play with other dogs. This can be done at doggy daycare or boarding, but that’s expensive and most of the time dog parks are free. Here is a listContinue reading “10 Best Dog Parks In West Ohio”

My Favorite Amazon Items for Dogs

I am so happy you are visiting my favorite Amazon items for dogs! I have purchased a lot of things for my dogs. Honestly, most of them were not worth the money! What didn’t work for me included a bike leash (dog couldn’t keep up), a pet carrier backpack (dog too big), most dog toysContinue reading “My Favorite Amazon Items for Dogs”

Things to do at WACO Air Museum

Wondering about things to do at the Waco Air Museum in Troy, Ohio? Exciting for airplane enthusiasts of all ages… It’s time to add the WACO Air Museum to your Ohio bucket list! The museum includes 10 vintage aircrafts, engines, memorabilia, and a Hartzell propeller display. You can also try flying a WACO simulator! ButContinue reading “Things to do at WACO Air Museum”

A Day Trip to Indian Lake, Ohio

Get itinerary suggestions and useful information for a day trip to Indian Lake in Lakeview and Russel’s Point, Ohio. Indian Lake is a popular destination beach and reservoir. So popular in fact that we couldn’t find nearby accomodations for the weekend we were interested in (sold out!). We have opted for a day trip toContinue reading “A Day Trip to Indian Lake, Ohio”

One Day in Cleveland, Ohio

If you only have one day in Cleveland, Ohio how should you spend your time? I recommend the following… First, watch or re-watch the movie, A Christmas Story (1983). Then, scroll through this list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, find your favorites, and make a playlist to listen to while you travelContinue reading “One Day in Cleveland, Ohio”

4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, OH

This post explores the 4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, Ohio! My last post included a day trip to Springfield and Yellow Springs, Ohio, but it was missing one major element: Hiking Trails! So I went back, and this time I brought my dogs. I wanted to experience the hiking in SpringfieldContinue reading “4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, OH”

Day Trip to Yellow Springs and Springfield, Ohio

It is time to take a day trip to Yellow Springs, and Springfield, Ohio! Many people know Yellow Springs as the cool, artsy town where Dave Chappelle lives, but many may not know that nearby Springfield, Ohio has a lot to offer as well. Check the following off your bucket list. You won’t be sorry!Continue reading “Day Trip to Yellow Springs and Springfield, Ohio”

Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

Address: 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203 We finally got around to visiting Super Friend’s “Hall of Justice” (Wonder Twin powers- activate!)…. I mean the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio (which the “Hall of Justice” was designed after). CINCINNATI MUSEUM CENTER Housed in Union Terminal, an art deco train station and National Historic LandmarkContinue reading “Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio”

A Day At The Cincinnati Museum Center

Welcome to the Cincinnati Museum Center, located at 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH! We finally got around to visiting Super Friend’s “Hall of Justice” (Wonder Twin powers- activate!)… I mean the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. CINCINNATI MUSEUM CENTER housed in Union Terminal, an art deco train station, includes history, science, and natural science.Continue reading “A Day At The Cincinnati Museum Center”

Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio

Address: 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Findlay Market is Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market since 1855. It is here you will find local and authentic food items. We brought home several treasures and ate at one of its staples….well sort of. First, the hunt for treasure. We ended up with some delicious redContinue reading “Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio”