4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, OH

This post explores the 4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, Ohio! My last post included a day trip to Springfield and Yellow Springs, Ohio, but it was missing one major element: Hiking Trails! So I went back, and this time I brought my dogs. I wanted to experience the hiking in SpringfieldContinue reading “4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, OH”

Day Trip to Yellow Springs and Springfield, Ohio

It is time to take a day trip to Yellow Springs, and Springfield, Ohio! Many people know Yellow Springs as the cool, artsy town where Dave Chappelle lives, but many may not know that nearby Springfield, Ohio has a lot to offer as well. Check the following off your bucket list. You won’t be sorry!Continue reading “Day Trip to Yellow Springs and Springfield, Ohio”

One Day at Clifton Gorge Preserve

Spending one day at Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve near Yellow Springs, Ohio is a bucket-list-worthy idea! Discover a covered bridge, scenic trails, a vintage mill, a casual American restaurant, and a 1940s-era gas station. The nature preserve is many Ohioans’ favorite hiking location. Don’t forget to leave behind pets when hiking this preserve. However, itContinue reading “One Day at Clifton Gorge Preserve”