One Day in Bluffton Ohio

Bluffton is a super cute, well-maintained small village in North West Ohio deserving to be added to your Ohio bucket list! It is home to Bluffton University, which is associated with the Mennonite Church. For a little bit of history, the village was created in 1831 by Swiss Mennonites, Irish Catholics, and German Reformists. About one hundred years later, on August 14, 1933, bank robber John Dillinger robbed the Bluffton Bank of $6,000!

The Bluffton downtown main street includes a 19th-century town hall and a local farmers market on Saturday mornings from May – October. In addition, Ten Thousand Villages is a famous fair-trade retailer that was founded in Bluffton. Also downtown, the Shannon Theatre is an inexpensive movie theater showing first-run movies with the amazingly delicious Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn next door!

Here are other activities to put on your Bluffton, Ohio bucket list…

Swim at the Bluffton Community pool.

After that, play at the Bluffton Family Recreation Center.

Next, bowl at Southgate Lanes.

Don’t forget to visit the Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market.

After that, try Lulus for breakfast.

Next, Shop on Main street

Ten Thousand Villages

Black Lab Trading Company.

Next, order a beverage at the Twisted Whisk.

Purchase something healthy at the Food Store.

Take a photo of the historic Bluffton mural.

Buy a pastry at The Dough Hook.

Visit Gallery 323 and the Et Cetera Shop.

Watch a movie at Shannon Theater with some Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn.

If you arent’ too tired, take a walk through woods and across the swinging bridge at Bluffton University’s Nature Preserve.

Then relax and experience Luke’s live music.

Don’t forget, to get an ice cream from Dari Freeze.

For a special treat, attend a concert at Bluffton Town Hall.

On a day off, walk aound the lake at Buckeye park and the Motter Metro Park hiking trail.

Check out the new Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant: Greenhorn.

During the school year, visit the Lion and the Lamb Peace Center at Bluffton University.

Then, attend a live concert at Yoder Recital Hall.

Afterwards, visit the Grace Albrecht Art Gallery which is next door.

Or, see a show at the Bluffton University Theater.

In the summer, try your cycle skills at A Bike to Remember.

Or, on your own, bike the Lions Way Trail Head and the trail from McDonald’s (Bike Cobb Lake Pathway) and the Tripplet pathway

Check the dates to attend the Bluffton Arts and Crafts Festival.

Or, create something at Board and Brush any time of the year.

Then, tour the Swiss Community Historical Society.

In the fall, attend the Bluffton Fall Festival

And last, but not least, celebrate the holidays at the Blaze of Lights!

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