Cedar Point Itinerary with and without Rollercoasters

Cedar Point Itinerary with and without Rollercoasters. Is it possible to have fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio even if you don’t like roller coasters? Yes! I get easily motion sick and I find big roller coasters too scary, yet I still love Cedar Point!

Long before we moved to Ohio, our family knew about Cedar Point. It ranks among America’s best amusement parks, with its roller coasters earning top honors. We never imagined that we would live close enough to get a season pass! My kids are all rollercoaster enthusiasts, but I am not.

At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t have any fun, but I was wrong!

Here is my itinerary for what parents/grandparents/young children can do at Cedar Point while the rest of your family rides rollercoasters…

Check the opening and closing times for the day of your arrival. Check Cedar Point Park and Cedar Point Shores as they may not be the same.

Check the weather
Download the Cedar Point App– for ride and attraction directions, shows and line wait times
If you don’t have a season pass, buy your tickets (and here) online- discount AAA members or military?

Wear a swimsuit (under your clothes or bring one), a hat and sunglasses

Bring a backpack to store in a locker with-
keys/credit cards
lip balm

Upon arrival, take a picture of your parking area. Use the Dog Kennel (Pet Chek) if you need it.

Non-scary/ minimal motion sickness rides and attractions

Ocean Motion, Giant Ferris Wheel, Windseeker, Antique Cars/Cadillac Cars, Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Sky Ride, Wave Swinger, Snake River Expedition ( a ride/show experience), Carnival Games, Parades, For kids- Planet Snoopy/Camp Snoopy: Woodstock Express, and Wilderness Run will also take adults (although you will get strange looks if you ride these without a child).

But wait! There’s more… Frontier Town includes an old coal-fired Train (takes you past some fun scenery), a historic settlement with Fort Sandusky, an old Mill, a Candle Shop (make your own hand-dipped candle), watch a Blacksmith or a Woodcarver, visit the Barnyard (complete with farm animals to pet and feed, including a camel for some reason), Glass Shop (Watch glassblowers or blow your own), a Stockade (for a photo op), and a hidden path to Forbidden Frontier/ Adventure Island (not to be missed!). If you are ready to get wet- Thunder Canyon is great fun!
Also check out the show schedule for Gossip Gulch, the Sundance, BackBeatQue Stages, and others.

Non-scary rides where you get wet (do these in the heat of the day)
Cedar Point Shores Pool
Lazy River
Runaway Rapids
Walk along, wade, swim, and sit on Cedar Point’s historic beach- especially nice at sunset with live music, walk along the boardwalk to Hotel Breakers– check out the art and photography in the lobby, and visit the bar or the Starbucks.
Kids ride the scary rollercoasters

Wicked Twister
Top Thrill Dragster
Magnum XL-200
Steel Vengeance
Millennium Force
Blue Streak
Sky Ride

Cedar Shores water slides

I hope you enjoyed Cedar Point Itinerary with and without Rollercoasters! Cedar Point has a lot to offer and is fun for the whole family! Enjoy!

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