A Day at Sauder Village & Farm

Spending a day at Sauder Village & Farm in Archbold, Ohio is a real treat. Ohio’s largest living-history destination advertises itself as, “an affordable family vacation destination in northwest Ohio, offering a living history museum & farm, a hotel with pool & a campground.” I encountered costumed guides in historic homes, museums, and shops in a “walk-through time experience” from 1803 – the 1920s.

Upon arrival, I first noticed the bakery, restaurant, cafe, and gift shop. So I purchased a cookie from the bakery. It was delicious!

Next, I headed into the 1800s historic homes, museums, and shops to interact with the costumed guides and learn something new!

I then wandered through the farmyard area. The playing goats were exciting to watch and the chickens were more interested in seeing me than I was seeing them as they all crowded around.

After the farm, I started moving into the 1900s. Here you can pick up the free train that takes you around the village. There is even a real old-fashioned ice cream shop and a free movie theater with old-timey films.

From here I moved on to the Little Pioneers Homestead and Indian Village. The guides really know their stuff and are excited to talk to you.

Finally, I walked the path around the pond inside the campground. I was very impressed with the whole experience!

I hope you enjoyed A Day at Sauder Village & Farm! Fun for the whole family!

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