Wapakoneta, Ohio Bucket List

Most people who stop by Wapakoneta, Ohio do so because this is the birthplace of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Therefore, they naturally stop at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, which is great, but there is more to see in this charming little town. After the museum, head over to see Armstrong’s boyhood home, taking a short detour to see the Temple of Tolerance. This unique spot allows people into their private sculpture garden and paths. You are apt to find lots of treasures and surprises here. Next stop is Auglaize street to explore Wapakoneta’s downtown with its many shops, art galleries, visitor center, yoga studio and cool eateries (such as J. Marie’s, Anthony’s, Cloud Nine and Winans Chocolates). Next, take a small detour onto Willipie St and Main St to visit the Wapakoneta History Museum, the historic Wapa Theater, the Auglaize County Courthouse, and Fire Station. If you have dog(s), try out Wapak’s new dog park on Herbstreit  Ct. Before leaving town try out the new LuLu’s Diner and take a picture of your party as the four astronauts on the moon under the Wapakoneta Ohio sign on their building.

On a second trip into Wapakoneta, I noticed the Neil Armstrong welcome sign off the freeway on the right just before passing the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. I tried the very delicious La Neta Mexican Restaurant which was nearby. I also noticed the Coffee Amor coffee shop and the Vogel Bakery. I passed some interesting old buildings on my way to the downtown area on Auglaize St. Around town, I visited shops and restaurants, the historic Fire station and the Auglaize County Courthouse (also noted above). I noticed they had an Escape Wapak sign near their old movie theater which sounded fun. Other historic buildings of note were the Charles Wintzer Building built in 1872, the First Presbyterian Church of Wapakoneta (museum also noted above) built in 1861, and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church built in 1899. This church is one of the famous cross-tipped churches in the area. Finally, I drove by a water park and a couple of ice cream places. Looks like some fun places to stop in the summer! And don’t forget about the great walking paths in town I blogged about earlier here.

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