What To Do: Grand Lake St Marys

Are you wondering what to do around Grand Lake St Marys Visitors Region in Ohio? I drove down to the area to find out! Where To Stay Most people who visit will stay on the east side of the Lake at Grand Lake St Marys State Park or at a nearby hotel. Alternatively, you mayContinue reading “What To Do: Grand Lake St Marys”

10 Best Dog Parks In West Ohio

The best dog parks in West Ohio ranked! Dog owners love dog parks because their dogs love dog parks! Like little kids, dogs often want to play with other dogs. This can be done at doggy daycare or boarding, but that’s expensive and most of the time dog parks are free. Here is a listContinue reading “10 Best Dog Parks In West Ohio”

One Day in Wapakoneta, Ohio

One Day in Wapakoneta, Ohio…Most people who stop by Wapakoneta, Ohio do so because this is the birthplace of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Therefore, most people naturally stop at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, which is great, but there is more to see in this charming little town. After theContinue reading “One Day in Wapakoneta, Ohio”

The Secret Trails in Wapakoneta & Cridersville

The Secret Trails in Wapakoneta & or Cridersville may only be known to the locals. If you Google “trails” in these towns you might be led to believe that there aren’t any trails there. Not true. If you are looking for a new place to walk or run and you are in the area, IContinue reading “The Secret Trails in Wapakoneta & Cridersville”