Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio

Address: 19852 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138

Hocking Hills is a state park in the Hocking Hills region of Hocking County, Ohio. Within the park there are over 25 miles of hiking trails, rock formations, waterfalls, and recess caves.

We visited Cedar Falls, Upper Falls and Old Man’s Cave. It was a great day trip and our dogs loved it too!

Hocking Hills State Park is beautiful in every season. If you want to go walking in a winter wonderland look no further than Hocking Hills State Park in winter. Often you can find completely frozen waterfalls. We found waterfalls in all different stages from ice to melting to raging strong. It was also magical to be almost alone as you hike through. However, the advantage of going in warmer weather is the lack of potentially dangerous ice. Any time you visit is worth the trip!

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