Winter Trails in Hocking Hills

Experience winter trails in Hocking Hills located at 19852 OH-664, Logan, Ohio! Hocking Hills State Park has over 25 miles of hiking trails, rock formations, waterfalls, and caves.

We visited…

Cedar Falls– About 1 mile to the falls and back from Cedar Falls parking lot.

Upper Falls and Old Man’s Cave– about 0.25 – 3 miles at your discretion. Parking lot right off of OH 664.

It was a great day trip and our dogs loved it too!

You can also try…

Whispering Cave– 1.5 Miles round trip from the Whispering Cave parking lot.

Conkels Hollow Nature Preserve Rim and Gorge Trail- 3.5 Miles for Rim and Gorge. This is an amazing trail, but only for experienced winter hikers! Slippery and dangerous cliffs! Conkels Hollow Parking Lot.

Chapel Cave and Horse Trail- 2 Miles round trip. Drive a mile past Conkles Hollow coming from 664 and park on the left at the rock climbing and rappel area lot on 374. Walk .75 miles to the end of the horse trail following the white markers. On the way back, go left up the railing to Chapel Cave.

Hocking Hills State Park is beautiful every season!

If you want to go walking in a winter wonderland look no further than Hocking Hills State Park. Often you can find completely frozen waterfalls. We found waterfalls in all different stages from ice to melting to raging strong. It was also magical to be almost alone as you hike through. We found most of the trails open as usual in winter at Hocking Hills. Don’t forget to dress warmly, have good hiking boots, and watch your step (it could be slippery). And always bring along a hiking buddy!

Hiking in the winter…the sounds are so peaceful and soothing. I could have listened forever!

Check here for Hocking Hills events any time of the year!

Winter is great, but you must return during warmer weather to experience other seasons at beautiful Hocking Hills State Park as well!

Click on the pictures to scroll through!

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