A Day Trip to Indian Lake, Ohio

Get itinerary suggestions and useful information for a day trip to Indian Lake in Lakeview and Russel’s Point, Ohio.

Indian Lake is a popular destination beach and reservoir. So popular in fact that we couldn’t find nearby accomodations for the weekend we were interested in (sold out!). We have opted for a day trip to Indian Lake instead of a weekend getaway.

Our family has driven by Indian Lake on numerous occasions as we pass it on our way to Columbus, Ohio. We have stopped only once to try out an amazing little trail on Indian Lake State Park Crane Town Pew Island. Other than that, we didn’t really know what Indian Lake had to offer. So, I took my dogs out there to explore a little and get an idea of what we might do there.

I was super impressed with Old Field Beach.

I found large soft light sand beaches, clean and spacious bathrooms, covered picnic tables, a disc golf area, a bike trail that goes around the lake, and a large dog park right next to the beach. This will definitely be our first stop. We will grab some take-out and have a picnic near the beach. There are places to walk the dogs and the dog park. I also discovered a mini-golf course across the street. Perhaps we will bring our bikes for a ride by the lake or make sandcastles in the sand while admiring the view.

Time to explore a little.

Our next stop will be The Donut Shop and a walkabout on the Sandy Beach bridge that has some interesting history as an old amusement park. Then perhaps we will do some knick-knack shopping at The Depot.

Weird and Interesting.

I might take the family to see Our Lady of Fatima and the Indian Lake Spillway.

Boating time!

We will probably rent a pontoon boat at Spend A Day Marina and spend some time relaxing on the water with some music and our dogs. Fox Island Beach and Picnic Area is a great place to set off.

Next will be some hiking.

I found three trails in the area. These include the Cherokee trail and the John and Mary Rudolph Nature Area trail and the Pew Island trail which we had done before. You can access the Cherokee trail from Indian Lake State Park, or from Cherokee Dr and take it from there. Try out the trail in both directions. One direction leads back to the State Park.

Good eats!

I drove by many possible places for dinner including Woody’s diner, Indian Head Roadhouse (my top choice), Cassanos Pizza King, China Fortune, Mimi’s At The Lake, Jac and Dos, The Cranberry Resort (best views), Tilton Hilton, Froggy’s (swim up bar), La Playa Azul Cocina & Cantina and Shakes on the Lake. The outdoor dining areas were filled with people. It looks like a happening place!

Need more to do? Check out Indian Lake Sports Park nearby!

Enjoy your day trip to Indian Lake in Lakeview/Russel’s Point, Ohio!

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