10 Best Dog Parks In West Ohio

The best dog parks in West Ohio ranked! Dog owners love dog parks because their dogs love dog parks! Like little kids, dogs often want to play with other dogs. This can be done at doggy daycare or boarding, but that’s expensive and most of the time dog parks are free. Here is a list of my favorite free dog parks in West Ohio from Findlay to the Cincinnati area. Click on a picture to scroll through them enlarged.

10. Wapak Dog Park: 932 W Auglaize St, Wapakoneta, OH

Wapak dog park is well-maintained. It has a water faucet. There are no restrooms. The grass is mowed and it is large enough for dogs to really get out their energy. However, the park lacks large trees or shade of any kind. There are a few picnic tables about, so limited seating. This park is rarely crowded, but there are usually one or two other dogs there when we go. The regulars know each other and enjoy talking about the other dogs and dog owners that frequent the park.

9. Lake Loramie Dog Park: 2038 OH-362, Minster, OH

This is a secret dog park in that it is not on Google. Drive south on this road along the lake to find it (look to the left) or use the address and link I have listed. There are no extra amenities. It’s small. However, it is worth going to for its picturesque setting and peaceful atmosphere. There were no other dogs here when we were here. There are a couple of trails nearby that allow dogs on leashes. To find them, drive east along Fort Loramie-Swanders Rd. and look to the left for small parking lots. Use this map to help locate the parking areas. It shows the hiking trails as well.

8. Van Wert Dog Park: 10848 S Washington St. Van Wert, Ohio

Located just south of the Van Wert County Hospital in Rotary Park, is the Van Wert Dog Park. The address is not correct on Google, so use the address I have listed. The dog park has lots of amenities and looks fairly new. A water faucet, bathrooms, dog bags, small and large dog areas, picnic tables, grill, parking, etc. are all there. The tall black fencing looked very nice. However, it is small and did need mowing. I sat at the one picnic bench inside the dog park that was shaded by a large tree. There were no other dogs when we were there, but someone came with a dog just as we were leaving. Behind the dog park is a nice trail that goes around the reservoir. This trail connects to trails that go through the woods.

7. K-9 Field of Dreams Dog Park: 16618 Township Road 208 Findlay, OH

This is a basic one-acre dog park with a few interesting differences. The park provides shovels for poop scooping instead of using plastic bags. The dog waste is then discarded into a compost bin onsite. Another nice thing about this park is that there are tennis balls everywhere, so at any time ball throwing can take place. I also noticed a small plastic dog pool. There are benches, picnic tables, shelters, and nearby restrooms. The park is part of the larger Riverbend recreation area which includes 2 fishing piers, 3 playgrounds, picnic tables, a volleyball area, a horseshoe pit, Raccoon Run Winter Sports Center, Robert G. Payne Arboretum, disc golf, and walking trails that connect to Heritage Trail and the Blanchard River Water Trail (also here). The Findlay Reservoir trails are also nearby.

6. Creager Field Dog Park: 210 Shafor Blvd, Dayton, OH

Dayton dog parks are great because they are always filled with many dogs and dog owners. Popular Creager Field Dog Park is no exception. If your purpose is to find socialization for you and your dog(s) then you are in luck! It was nice that the park was small enough that I could keep my eye on my dogs while sitting down, at the same time, it was large enough for a lot of play. My husky had the time of her life. The black-fenced park in the Oakwood neighborhood was well-maintained and provided an agility course, water, and dog bags.

5. Scout-Burnell Dog Park: 651 Dayton Xenia Rd, Xenia, OH

The high-quality wood fence at this dog park sets it apart, but the reason it is higher in the ranks is due to its topography. Usually, dog parks are mostly flat, but this one has a large valley with lots of trees. The terrain is more interesting for people and dogs who want to explore it or get some extra exercise. There were two other dogs besides mine when we visited.

4. Old Field Beach @ Indian Lake Dog Park: 11252 OH-235, Lakeview, OH

The sole reason this dog park earned a spot at number four, in the Ten Best Dog Parks In West Ohio, is due to its fun view of Old Field Beach. While letting the dogs play you can take in the party vibe. There are restrooms and covered picnic benches. Bring your own dog bags and water as they are not provided. Also, bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit comfortably under one of the two large trees that offer shade. Suggested itinerary: pick up food/water/blanket, have a covered picnic at the beach with your dogs, play at the dog park, sit on a bench with the dog(s) while watching your kids play at the beach (no pets on the beach), go for a walk around the lake or a short hike on the Pew Island Trail or the Cherokee trail. More on Indian Lake here.

3. Deeds Point Dog Park: Deeds Park Dr & Webster Street, Dayton, OH

Located at Deeds Point MetroPark, this park has two awesome qualities- a lovely view and lots of dog friends! I have never been alone at this park. The dog owners are generally friendly. Some like to sit on the covered park bench and chat or walk around the perimeter on a little path. The reason this park isn’t number 1 or 2 is that there have been a few incidents with aggressive dogs. No injuries and the owners dealt with them right away. I have been to this park a lot and this is the exception, not the rule. Usually, there are no problems! Dog bags and water are provided. They even have special days when groomers come in and will cut your dog’s nails!

2. Summit Park Dog Park: 4335 Glendale Milford Rd, Blue Ash, OH

This dog park has high-quality black fencing and is clean and large, with an agility course. There is water, dog bags, lots of seating, and a plethora of dogs and dog owners. The downside is the lack of shade and no separate place for small dogs. What makes this a great place to visit is Summit Park itself. Summit Park (130-acres) is an extravaganza of activity. Anyone (no pets though) can ride to the top of the observation tower for free and look down on the beautiful view! There are restaurants, an ice cream shop, a large and clean children’s park, a pond/nature playscape, and an open field for performances. When the weather is nice, there are a lot of people playing, walking (ice cream in hand), biking, running, and doing yoga. Cincinnati Magazine named it one of its top dog parks!

1. Celina Rotary Dog Park – Greater Grand Lake Visitors Region: W Bank Rd, Celina, OH

My favorite dog park in West Ohio! The St. Mary’s Grand Lake actually has two dog parks. One is on the west and the other on the east side of the lake. They are both by the water, but the one on the west is my favorite. There is a beautiful view of the lake. The trees are ginormous. My dogs love to explore this park even if there are no other dogs. Usually, there are 3 or 4 other dogs at the park with us for playing. I think Celina is a hidden gem. If you visit check out the Boardwalk Grill (reserve here), the Lake City Creamery, the lighthouse, and Windy Point (a scenic park to walk your dogs).

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Thanks for visiting the 10 Best Dog Parks in West Ohio! Click here to discover My Favorite Amazon Items for Dogs!

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