What To See Along the Michigan Coast

Are you wondering what to see along the Michigan coast? On our way to Mackinac Island, we took a road trip along the beautiful Michigan coastline. The experience did not disappoint! Use our trip as a guide when planning your road trip! In May, we started out in the city of South Haven and tookContinue reading “What To See Along the Michigan Coast”

Weekend Getaway on Mackinac Island, Michigan

Of course you want to spend your weekend getaway on Mackinac (pronounced mac-in-aw) Island… Perhaps because you heard that Mackinac Island has been rated the number one summer destination in America by TripAdvisor.com. Maybe it is because you are looking to find some rest and relaxation surrounded by beautiful scenery. It also could be becauseContinue reading “Weekend Getaway on Mackinac Island, Michigan”

The Z Parking Garage, Detroit, Michigan

1234 Library St., Detroit, MI 48226 The Z is the “coolest. parking garage. ever…” a public art mural, with 130 paintings by 27 international and local artists. The Lot and its adjoining alley, known as the Belt, is a great place in Detroit to enjoy a wealth of edgy, fun, and colorful art on allContinue reading “The Z Parking Garage, Detroit, Michigan”

Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum Farmington Hills

Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan (near Detroit) is just a hop, skip and jump from Ohio. If you are looking for something new and yet nostalgic and affordable, this is it! Great for all ages! This magical place is devoted to a huge collection of coin-operated oddities. There are classic carnival sideshowContinue reading “Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum Farmington Hills”

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is devoted to a huge collection of coin-operated animatronic dummies, mechanical games and other oddities. Exhibits include, for example, the classic gypsy Fortune teller machine that used to grace many a carnival sideshow. Wikipedia Located in: Hunters Square/Tally HallAddress: 31005 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

One Day at Detroit’s Motown Sound

One Day at Detroit’s Motown Sound or “Hitsville U.S.A.” is time well spent at Motown’s first headquarters. Motown Records (1959) receives thousands of visitors each year. They stop by to be wowed by the Motown Sound Museum. Berry Gordy’s legendary Motown inspired the music industry and society in general. It united a racially divided countryContinue reading “One Day at Detroit’s Motown Sound”

Detroit’s “Motown Sound” in Detroit, Michigan

“Hitsville U.S.A.” is the nickname given to Motown’s first headquarters. Since Motown Records’ establishment in 1959 by Berry Gordy, tens of thousands of visitors pass through Hitsville U.S.A., home to the Motown Museum, each year. Berry Gordy’s legendary Motown made its mark not just on the music industry, but society at large, with a soundContinue reading “Detroit’s “Motown Sound” in Detroit, Michigan”

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