The Secret Trails in Wapakoneta and Cridersville, Ohio

Wapakoneta Nature Center Path

If you Google “trails” in Wapakoneta and/or Cridersville in Ohio you might be led to believe that their aren’t any trails there. Not true. If you are looking for a new place to walk or run and you are in the area I will share their secret locations.

  1. Philips Nature Path. This short walk in the woods, next to a small fishing hole and a covered picnic area, can be hard to find. You can see the trail sign on E. High Street, where W. High Street and E. High Street meet. From here you can park across the street and head over to read about the fishing pond, the town and the trail. 100-198 E High St., Cridersville, OH
  2. Wapakoneta Nature Center. No you can’t just type this name into GPS and expect to find a Nature Center. There is no actual Nature Center building and the GPS will send you on a wild goose chase. To find this secret trail you have to drive behind the Wapakoneta High School and Wapakoneta Elementary School (which is next door). Park and walk around to the back of the Elementary School where you will see a sidewalk in a large loop. You can’t see any trail yet, but you are in the right place. Walk towards the small sidewalk loop and the lake/pond, keeping to the left. You will see some picnic benches and a plaque. Next, you will see an opening in the trees. This is the trail. Inside you will see a very well-kept and shaded trail network with lots of benches for resting. 900 N Blackhoof St, Wapakoneta, OH
  3. Wapakoneta Riverwalk. You can start this trail at either Belcher Park or Harmon Park and all you have to do to find the trail is to walk towards the edge of the water. You do have to cross over Blackhoof St. where there is no crosswalk to get from one park to the other. Belcher Park: 1 E Harrison St, Wapakoneta, OH and Harmon Park 399 W Harrison St, Wapakoneta, OH
  4. Walking paths next to Cridersville Elementary School. Just south of Cridersville Elementary school on Reichelderfer Rd there are some raw trails with two small parking lots. The trails are fairly short and tree-less, but in a pinch they might be useful to you. 501 Reichelderfer Rd.
  5. Veterans Park Path is easier to find. The park and address are clear. The paved path loops around the outside of the park. Address: 602 S Rauthland Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895

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