4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, OH

This post explores the 4 Best Hiking Spots in Yellow Springs & Springfield, Ohio!

My last post included a day trip to Springfield and Yellow Springs, Ohio, but it was missing one major element: Hiking Trails! So I went back, and this time I brought my dogs. I wanted to experience the hiking in Springfield & Yellow Springs at Mad River Gorge, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, and John Bryan State Park. Also, please check my previous post about the other gorgeous trail in Yellow Springs at Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, but leave your pets at home for that trail.

My first stop was Mad River Gorge in Springfield, Ohio.

At first glance, you may consider skipping this place as the scenery from the parking lot appears desolate, but that would be a mistake! Once you find the stairs, you will find the true hiking experience. This stop is all about the climbing opportunities! Once you are down the stairs, the trail doesn’t meander much, but it is very scenic and there are spots of interest to view along the way.

My second stop was Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs.

A very popular spot, where the parking lot is always full, even though it costs $5 to park. You can avoid this fee by parking at John Bryan State Park and hiking over, but I didn’t do that. Sites to see here, besides the beautiful scenery, include; the Trail museum, the Old Dam Bridge, the Grotto, the Yellow Spring, Helen’s Stone, the Cascades, the Raptor Center, the Vernot Ecological Center, the Hopewell Indian Mound, Pompei’s Pillar, DingleDell, the Old Quarry, the Covered Bridge, and the Grinnel Mill.

My final destination was John Bryan State Park.

These are the best trails in the park. Here is a map. We walked along the South Gorge. Browse the pictures to see what you could experience!

All in all, I think I enjoyed the Mad River Gorge the most, but any hiking in Springfield & Yellow Springs, Ohio is definitely worth adding to your bucket list!

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