15 Favorite Places In Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, brims with diverse attractions ranging from historical landmarks and museums to vibrant neighborhoods. Popular spots include Experience Columbus, the official tourism bureau, the Columbus Museum of Art, and historic German Village known for its heritage and culinary offerings. Highlights also include landmarks like the John F. Wolfe Columbus Commons, Columbus Metropolitan Library and Topiary Park, Short North, Polaris Fashion Place, COSI Center, and suburban area Dublin. Music enthusiasts can enjoy Express Kemba live, while the adventurous can venture to the Gates of Hell Pit. The North Market, Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum, and Ohio Village round off the list.

To Do in Columbus Ohio in Winter

Wondering what to do in Columbus Ohio in winter? That was the challenge that lay before me when my family came to visit. Feel free to copy our itinerary if you find yourself looking for activities to do in Columbus Ohio in winter! Immerse yourself in the Columbus Museum of Art We had fun takingContinue reading “To Do in Columbus Ohio in Winter”

Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio

Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio is a new way to experience art. No need to travel to Paris to sit inside of Van Gogh’s hottest works of post-Impressionist art brought to life in projected swirls of color! The exhibit has been described as an “audio-visual narrative and emotional experience”. Art and music surround you onContinue reading “Immersive Van Gogh in Ohio”

Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens

Halloween in Ohio for adults and teens can be tricky because the holiday is mostly geared to children. However, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate here in Ohio… Watch a scary movie every night in October. (Can you believe I had never watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho until this year!?!) Halloween in Ohio:Continue reading “Halloween in Ohio: Adults & Teens”

Gates of Hell, Columbus, Ohio

Gates of Hell, Columbus, Ohio – Pit of Hell. Also known as the Gates to Hell and the Blood Bowl. The Pit is a large concrete basin drainage area, at the end of a ravine located behind a Tim Horton’s (2754 N High St) in Clintonville Park. Take your time climbing down into the Pit as it is quite steepContinue reading “Gates of Hell, Columbus, Ohio”

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