Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

Address: 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203

We finally got around to visiting Super Friend’s “Hall of Justice” (Wonder Twin powers- activate!)…. I mean the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio (which the “Hall of Justice” was designed after).

CINCINNATI MUSEUM CENTER Housed in Union Terminal, an art deco train station and National Historic Landmark is an urban history, science and natural science museum. There is also a children’s museum, a small holocaust museum and special rotating exhibits.

To be extra prepared we purchased our tickets online. This was a mistake as the online tickets charged a processing fee and a parking fee. When we arrived we saw that the parking was free (it’s not always free). Also, buying online meant we couldn’t take advantage of a military discount. It is a good idea to buy online if you call ahead and find out they will be really busy that day. That ensures you will get in. We went on a weekday in the off-season so it was unecessary and cost us an extra 10 bucks “ouch”.

To make ourselves feel better, it was time for a doughnut run. Fortunately, the highly-rated Holtman’s Donuts is very near the museum. No, I didn’t get the famous maple bacon donut, but the sour cream one I chose was amazing!

Meanwhile…At the Hall of Justice we were ready to roll up to the museum.

Inside was quite a sight!

After seeing some of their specialty exhibits we headed into the Natural History Museum section. And were greeted by….you guessed it…dinosaurs.

Next we headed into the science museum which was mostly about space.

We were getting through the museum much faster than we expected. We were imagining three or four giant museums in one giant building cluster. In reality the museum is like three or four small museums that equal one regular size city museum. Including the specialty museum, we spent 4.5 hrs total which included lunch at their very delicious museum cafe Nourish 513.

I felt like we saved the best for last at the History section of the museum as they had a very cool recreated Cincinnati in minature with live trains set in different time periods. Check out some of the scenes (lights went from day to night).

We ended earlier than expected, so we had some time. I asked if we could see the Holocaust museum, but we were told that it is only open on the weekends unless we had called ahead and made an appointment to see the museum on a weekday.

They also have an Omnimax movie theater, but we decided against seeing a movie and decided to go see if we could find an entrance into Cincinnati’s abandoned subway system. We finally found the entrance, but when we got there we were greeted by workers who said they had just resealed up the entrance and not to touch it because the metal was still hot. Dang.

So, those plans dashed we decided to do the thing you do when you are in Cincinnati, go to Findlay Market. Click on the link to continue our adventure there!

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